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Overseas Opportunities

Overseas Opportunities

We're called Your World because we believe in discovery. No, we don't mean putting men on Mars (we'll leave that to NASA, thanks), we're talking about discovering a life that brings out the best version of you. For most people, a great career can do just that! 

But hold on, what if your perfect career is thousands of miles across the sea, in a completely different country?

Hey, it happens! That's why we offer a terrific number of opportunities for working overseas. Whether you’re looking for a permanent move, temporary career abroad or simply a working holiday, we have a team of experts on hand to help.

Our overseas programme has been designed to support and assist you throughout one of life's biggest career challenges - moving to a new country for work. It's safe to say that the stress of moving can often put people off of making the transition but, thankfully, we've created a simple, smooth process that will see you stress-free and excited for your new adventure!

Your UK adventure begins here

Ever dreamt of drinking tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace? Sorry, that's one dream you might need to hang up for a while, she's a busy woman, after all. However, what we can help you with is finding healthcare jobs in the UK. Our specialist International Recruitment Team in London has already helped hundreds of people across the seas to start the next chapter in their healthcare career. 

Did you know the NHS was ranked the World's number one healthcare system? By moving to the UK with Your World Healthcare, you can be part of this historic organisation and reap the outstanding benefits that come with it, including great pay, loads of exciting discounts and a first-rate pension scheme.

With a terrific support network at hand, you can say goodbye to stressful, lengthy job hunts, and wishing you could find career success overseas. We'll help you make it happen! 

Find out how we helped Dietitian, Elisha, make her dream of living and working in the UK a reality:

Ask away!

Moving to a new country is a big step and you're likely to have some questions before taking it. Why not read some of our frequently asked questions below:

"Why work for the NHS?"

The UK's National Health Service is one of the oldest universal healthcare systems in the world! Established in 1948, the NHS provides free healthcare at the point of use to all UK citizens (excluding some services, like dental and prescriptions). It's also the World's fifth-largest employer, with roughly 1.5 million people working for the service. With a terrific pension scheme, outstanding working settings and a reputation for excellence, it's no wonder the NHS was ranked the number one healthcare service in the world! 

"I heard the NHS is struggling with funding. Does that make this a bad time to join?"

On the contrary, there couldn't be a better time to join the ranks with some of the most highly qualified, driven and passionate healthcare professionals in the world. Staffing shortages around the World mean that the NHS is always looking for exceptional nurses, doctors, Allied Health Professionals and Health Science Staff to fill vacancies across multiple hospitals and NHS settings around the UK.

As the NHS is predominantly publicly funded, public demand for access to healthcare can create financial pressure on the service. However, you won't find a community of healthcare professionals more determined to make a difference, despite any difficulties that come their way, and the British public is always extremely grateful and supportive. Our NHS staff definitely adopt the quintessentially British attitude of 'keep calm and carry on'. 

"How long will it take me to move to the UK from Australia?"

Your personal circumstances, career requirements and healthcare status could all have an impact on how long your journey from Australia to the UK takes. The great thing about making the move is that there really is no 'one experience fits all' approach. If you're seriously thinking about starting a career overseas, why not submit your interest to our International Team, who can advise you on all aspects of the process?

Happy travels...

We're really rooting for you. A career that fills you with passion and makes the world a better place is worth chasing, wherever that may be. 

If you're excited about the prospect of making a new life in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, contact our team and find out where your love for healthcare could take you!