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12 points that sum up a radiographer’s day

28th May, 2019

12 points that sum up a radiographer’s day

The life of a radiographer isn’t quite what people would expect. From ridiculous questions to learning how to handle the smell of adolescent feet, working in medical imaging is far from just sitting there and pushing buttons!

How many of these do you see in your day-to-day radiographer life?

The foot pillow

The number of people who forget what a pillow is and, instead, see it as a footrest will never fail to surprise me. Next time you have an x-ray, just remember that the pillow is for your head!

Scratching head confused

“Will I have superpowers?”

If I got a dollar for every time someone asked me whether they’ll have superpowers after their procedure, I’d have everything I need to retire and live a happy life by the time I’m 40!

Laser beam eyes | superpowers

The optimist

When a patient questions if you think their arm’s broken and it’s practically hanging off the rest of their arm.


Bart Simpson - broken arm

You didn’t pee – I promise

There’s always one patient who misses your explanation before a contrast CT that panics because they think they’ve peed.

Peeing GIF

Hearing the same patient jokes on repeat

“I’ll be glowing green after all these x-rays”

*Queue awkward laugh*

Awkward laughing GIF


When you’re about to cannulate and the patient says, “Good luck; I have bad veins”, but you get it in first time.

Looking smug | When you fit the cannula straight away

But then again, there are also the times when you’re the person who can’t get the cannula in!

When you can't cannulate | radiography problems

Then, there are the patients who like to point out that you’ve put the cannula in a different place to the last person.

Both right | South Park GIFs

Instructions go in one ear and out the other

“Ok dear, if you could just lie on your back, please. Sorry, on your back…face up… look at the ceiling…lie on your back…ON YOUR BACK!”

It’s really quite amazing how complicated a simple instruction, such as ‘lie down’, can become.

Looking around lost GIF

The metal rule

When you’ve double-checked with the patient that they’re not wearing any metal but halfway through the exam you hear, “I’ve still got my glasses on my head!”

Face palm | The Office GIFs

Button-pushers? Think again!

People think our job is easy, and we just sit there pressing buttons. Whoever started this rumour, I welcome you to come and sit with me for the day so we can set the record straight. 

You are wrong | Dr Cox GIFs

The smell of an adolescent male’s feet

I’ve learnt that nothing in the world can clear the stench of a teenage boy’s feet. You’ve just got to hope that one day you’ll become immune to it!

Bad smell GIF

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