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City, Coast or Remote- Where Should You Be?

19th Jan, 2017

City, Coast or Remote- Where Should You Be?

Are you stuck in a rut at work and fancying change? Maybe it’s not your profession you need to change but the location.

Changing where you work can vastly improve your quality of life. It may bring you closer to a hobby or something you love…maybe even someone you love!

Australia’s such a vast place with an array of scenery and choice of lifestyles. Maybe you’re a surfer at heart, out of reach of the ocean, or you’re someone who craves the fast pace of life in the city; quite possibly you would just like silence when you step out of the madness at work and a remote area sounds like your little slice of heaven.

Finding a balance between work and time for yourself is tough, but relocating may create more time for you to do these things. You may not know where you want to go yet, so here are some ideas for what you can expect in cities, coastal and remote areas of Australia.

City Life

In Australia, there’s a city for everybody! You have cities based on the ocean, cities rich in art, some that are laid back and many that are known for their nightlife or even their wildlife!

Cities come with the benefit of (typically) having better public transport systems, more choice of restaurants and bars, more courageous fashion and are often more multicultural if you like trying new things.

If you’re looking for somewhere with quirky architecture and where you can enjoy the arts, Melbourne is great; there’s also a free tram that circles the city!

Sydney has over 100 beaches, so if you like the pace of the city but love to surf, you’ve found your next place to go! Not only this, Sydney is extremely multicultural. It’s been predicted that a massive 34% of their population was born overseas- you can explore different cultures without having to step on an airplane!

Brisbane is great if you’re sporty. As it’s located on a river, you can not only go for a jog or cycle around the city, but kayaking is another a fun option. It has also hosted its fair share of major sporting events over the years.

Darwin, being up in the Northern Territory, has beautiful weather. It’s rich in culture and even though you’re in a city, you can be hanging with the crocs on your day off in one of their crocodile parks!

Last but not least, there’s Perth. Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world and known for its laid back culture. It’s home to many stunning beaches and not much else surrounds it! Which leads nicely into…

Remote Areas

Remote Australia holds just 3% of the population! This doesn’t mean that you’re going to be living in the outback as such, but you will have a lot more peace and quiet.

Remote Australia is good for more than just relaxing though. If you have an interest in learning about the world’s oldest living culture, Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders make up 48% of the population in the very remote areas and 15% of the population in remote.

The cost of living is also much cheaper out of the main cities, which means you have more money to play with when you get out of work. Living in a city such as Kalgoorlie means you have access to all you need and are just an arms throw from Australia’s wild west.

Coastal Living

I think you can already guess the main reason to move to a coastal area- the ocean! Australia has some of the most incredible beaches in the world and, due to the size of the country and the different oceans it faces, the beaches are extremely varied.

One of the greatest aspects of living on the coast is that it seems to bring people out more and encourages an active outdoor lifestyle.

As mentioned before, you can combine living in a city with living by the coast; or you could choose a quieter spot such as South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula. The beaches in the Northern Territory can be more tropical and the east coast’s beaches are never ending. They also include the Gold Coast, which is, of course, great for surfing and other such fun. Then we have the West coast, which overlooks the Indian Ocean and has some of the most beautiful sunsets.

If you’d like to try one or maybe more of the locations above, our locum positions may be just what you need. Or if you think you could do with an even bigger change, it’s time you looked at our overseas opportunities.

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