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Dispelling the myths: find permanent aged care jobs with Your World

23rd Apr, 2019

Dispelling the myths: find permanent aged care jobs with Your World

When speaking with Aged Care Nurses and receiving their resumes, we typically imagine that our candidates understand who we are as a recruitment agency, the process of working with an agency and what we have to offer. However, we’re often surprised at how many people believe that our role is only to source temporary or locum jobs when actually, we have many permanent aged care jobs, as well as lots of information and advice to share.

It’s essential aged care professionals know the difference between working permanently as a locum nurse via an agency and working directly through an aged care provider as a member of their team -recruitment consultants can help secure jobs in both.

The myth about recruitment agencies

Many potential candidates think they will be working for the actual recruitment agency on short-term or locum contracts, and don’t realise that we can help them to find work directly with aged care providers in a location of their choosing. We have a range of aged care opportunities all across the country in a variety of settings, from registered nurse jobs to facility managers.

I often find myself reassuring candidates that they are entitled to full-time employment when registered with us; this is assuming that they have full working rights, necessary skills and experience to do the job.

How can your consultant help you to find a permanent job?

As a recruiter, it is my responsibility to liaise with both clients and candidates in the lead-up to the interview process, making sure that everything is running smoothly and stress-free.

I can assist you by:

  • Giving interview advice
  • Providing a rundown on the aged care provider’s organisation, culture and background
  • Explaining the details of each individual position, as well as your duties and working environment

Ultimately, my job is to provide you, the candidate, with as much information as possible so that you can decide whether this is the role for you. I also want to ensure that you feel confident in front of a potential future employer

The current need for Aged Care Nurses

Aged care facilities across Australia are in need of permanent Registered Nurses, particularly in:





Wide Bay–Burnett region

Canberra, ACT  

Mornington Peninsula


North East QLD (Townsville)

South Coast, NSW 

Gippsland region


Sunshine Coast

North Coast, NSW



Gold Coast

Central Coast / Hunter region 

Melbourne Metro

Perth Metro


Why choose Your World?

At Your World Healthcare, our Recruitment Consultants really take the time to explain to all our candidates who we are, what we do and the services we can provide, so that you can take full advantage of them. I feel that our candidates have a better understanding of the role they need to play, which gives them a greater chance of success when applying for potential opportunities.

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Mark McAlpine | Aged Care Jobs Australia

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