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From Australia to the United Kingdom: An OT Candidate's Adventure

12th Sep, 2016

From Australia to the United Kingdom: An OT Candidate's Adventure

Moving to a new country for work is a big step but, with the right assistance, it’s a decision that could benefit your career and change your life forever. Just ask Kristen Foley, an Australian Occupational Therapist who sought the help of Your World Healthcare for making the transition from Australia to the United Kingdom!

We caught up with Kristen to find out about her experience of the UK so far and how working overseas has helped her career…

What made you want to move to the UK?

Aussies love a working holiday! Picking up locum work in the UK is really easy and I was excited to experience a different workplace and lifestyle.

How did Your World help to make this a reality?

Your World were so helpful. They listened to what I was looking for and found me work that suited my requirements, which enabled me to sustain my time overseas.

What have you enjoyed about living/working in the UK so far?

I love being so close to Europe! I’ve seen so many different places as they’re such a short journey away. The varying accents in the UK are great too; it’s been really interesting getting to know them all. It’s also been really interesting getting to know the different practices and learning the NHS model. The UK is an amazing place to live, there’s so much to experience but I have particularly enjoyed the pub culture – getting a pint with friends after work!

How did you prepare for the transition?

The UK is a really easy transition from Australia – I took the varying weather conditions into account but I kind of just jumped into the move without too much preparation and thankfully, it’s paid off!

Tell us about your job placements over here…

So far, I’ve been working as a support worker for older adults with dementia, helping them maintain meaningful lives and keep healthy in shared accommodation. Managing group dynamics and building morale has been an important part of this job!

How has your experience of working with Your World been so far?

My contact with my consultant has been excellent. I receive regular emails from Your World telling me about work I may be interested in and I can always turn to my consultant for help or advice when needed. The level of professionalism has been better than I expected!

Tell us about your favourite experience of the UK since coming over

There have been too many to pick just one! I loved visiting Scotland and taking in the scenery. Whilst I was there, I witnessed the Highland Games, which was exciting. I also saw The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh! The Northern Ireland countryside has been a favourite experience as well as the London Marathon.

Has working for an agency made travelling easier for you?

Definitely! You can just pick up or decline work as it suits you. The pay is fast too so you can manage your finances easily.

If you could stay in the UK for an extended period of time, would you want to?

Yes, I have loved every second of my time in the UK so staying to experience more of it would be amazing. That being said, the lure of the sun and seeing my family in Aus is very strong!

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