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How to become a more resilient healthcare professional

13th Nov, 2018

How to become a more resilient healthcare professional

It's no secret that a career in the healthcare industry can be stressful, exhausting and frustrating at the best of times. The retention of nursing jobs and doctor jobs in Australia is rapidly declining because the demand for immediate patient treatment continues to grow.

Healthcare jobs are infamous for their long, tough shifts, as well as the sacrifices Doctors, Nurses, AHPs and more have to make for their important roles.

With this in mind, it's essential for healthcare professionals to stay resilient throughout these challenges and maintain their own health, as well as their patients'. 

How can Healthcare Professionals be more resilient?

Ask for help

If you need show advice from a co-worker, don't hold back. Learn who can help you within the workplace and how. Asking for help doesn't stop at colleagues and co-workers; if you need support on a more personal level from a trained professional, a therapist may be worth exploring. 

Don't hide from mistakes

If you make a mistake and some (or all) of the responsibility falls on your shoulders, be honest about it and explain what happened. Accountability is a big part of resilience - admitting to a mistake will help you to deal with it and bounce back more effectively.

If you're struggling with taking accountability for your mistake, be open and speak to a mentor, friend or partner, so you're not tackling the issue on your own. 

Try to make a personal record of what happened in a blog, diary or journal - that way you can reflect on past mistakes and how you overcame any challenges. You never know, you might end up helping someone else in a similar situation.

Find your coping method

Finding an effective way to manage your stress levels will help you work on resilience. Whether you're a keen painter, piano maestro or super-yogi, use your spare time to unwind in a way that benefits your mental wellbeing. In doing so, you'll release any tension built up throughout your shift and return to work feeling happier and fresher.