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How to get your radiation licence

20th Jun, 2019

How to get your radiation licence

Working as a locum radiographer comes with some great benefits; getting to travel the country, earning some extra money during your annual leave and allowing yourself some freedom and flexibility!

Your World Healthcare loves supplying locum radiography roles; we have some great clients that come back to us time and time again because they trust us to find them the best people for the job. They also love our rates and quick turnaround for getting candidates compliant and out working.

Keep an eye on our tips that might just come in handy if you’re thinking about heading down the locum route:

What you need to know about radiation licences

This is an important tip as you can’t work without a radiation licence!

Each state requires its own radiation licence for you to be able to work and perform as a radiographer.

If you have various states in mind that you want to work in on a locum basis, APPLY FOR THESE LICENCES IN ADVANCE. We find all too often that candidates are applying for roles that are a perfect fit, but due to the fast turnaround of the client/role and not receiving their licence on time, they won’t be suitable!

Having licences for various states will put you in a really good position when it comes to locum work.

If you are only allowed to work in one state, the roles available to you will be limited.


Do radiation licence application times change in different states?

Depending on the state, the time it takes to get a radiation licence will vary. QLD currently takes the longest. Some candidates are finding that their application is taking more than two months to come back! NSW is generally efficient, but better to be organised!


Here’s where you can apply for each state:

QLD Licence - QLD is the state that can take the longest to be processed, so please apply as soon as possible. Follow the link below to apply for your QLD radiation licence:


NSW Licence - Please follow the below link to apply for your NSW radiation licence.


ACT Licence - Please follow the below link to apply for your ACT radiation licence:


SA Licence - Please follow the below link to apply for your SA radiation licence:


VIC Licence - Please follow the below link to apply for your VIC radiation licence:


WA Licence - Please follow the below link to apply for your WA radiation licence:


Things to remember before applying

Have all of your documents certified and ready to send off. If the board needs to contact you for some more information, it can really speed up getting a great placement and avoid the disappointment of losing out on one. Be realistic too; don’t apply for a role that starts on Monday next week if you don’t have the relevant state licence.



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