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Is Australia a good country to work and settle in?

11th Feb, 2019

Is Australia a good country to work and settle in?

“I want to move to Australia” is a thought that crosses the minds of people all over Britain; after all, when you live in a county that’s plagued by rain all year round, it’s easy to daydream about places like this…

Beautiful beaches in Australia

Or, for the explorers amongst you…

Australian Outback | Uluru

Pretty amazing, right?

As the world’s number one destination for expats, it’s no surprise that Australia is so popular for extended holidays and emigration. However, at nearly 9,500 miles from the UK, making the move is a huge leap of faith. If you’re asking yourself: ‘should I move to Australia?’, there’s plenty of research you can do to help you reach a decision.

Why not start by reading the following FAQs:

What professions are needed in Australia?

Amongst plenty of other occupations, healthcare professionals can really thrive Down Under. If you’re looking for a healthcare job in Australia, Your World can help to source a range of roles, including:

  • Medical diagnostic radiographer
  • Sonographer
  • Audiologist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Podiatrist
  • Speech pathologist
  • General medical practitioner
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
  • Psychologist
  • And more!

You can check the current list of eligible skilled occupations on the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affair’s website. Here, you’ll also find information on the visa subclass that you will need. Typically, a skilled migration visa is the most common type for qualified healthcare professionals.

Work life in Australia

Sorry, it’s not all BBQs and beaches! Locals do know how to enjoy their downtime, but they are also an extremely hard-working bunch. In Australia, the typical working week is roughly 38 hours. Aussies are known for being fun-loving but also straight-talking and honest, so the British ‘stiff upper lip’ may not apply with your colleagues on the other side of the globe.

Holidays are, on average, four weeks off per year, with additional public holidays.

Lifestyle and culture

Sport plays a massive part in Australian culture – especially if it’s outdoors. Australian people love to enjoy the sun but don’t forget to ‘Slip. Slop. Slap!' because skin protection is essential over there (Australia sits right below a hole in the Ozone Layer).

Aside from the obvious sand and sun, Australia is also known for its incredible wildlife. Yes, some are considered somewhat dangerous, but you’re not as at risk as you may think. Dangerous encounters are extremely rare, and treatment is readily available for emergencies (if you’re unlucky enough to experience one – it is rare, after all!).

Cost of living wise, Australia can be pricey, it’s true, but the typical wages are higher than in the UK, so it all balances out. 

What are the pros and cons of living in Australia?

Some of the pros are pretty obvious: superb weather, beaches galore and better work-life balance. There's also the fantastic Australian nationals, who are known for being friendly and outgoing (unlike Brits, who assume you’re a potential mass murderer for smiling in public). They’re also really into sports (hello, health and fitness!), with an excellent healthcare system, a booming economy, multi-cultural society and never-ending sights to gawk at. Australia’s first language is English, which is always useful for us Brits, who are pretty lazy when it comes to adopting foreign tongues, and thankfully, their society isn’t too far from our own, which means a major culture shock isn’t on the cards.

Annoyingly, there are some cons too, which are important to consider before you relocate. Yes, the cost of living is a downside, but higher wages do even the playing field. The country is considerably bigger than the UK, which means it can feel isolated in places, especially with cities being so far apart and not much to do in between. It’s definitely worth researching which area would suit you best before you commit to a life Down Under.

Should I move to Australia? 

If you love adventure, the chances are you’ll feel right at home in Australia. Even if you’re just enjoying a working holiday and not looking for a permanent move, there are plenty of beaches, new cities, unique landscapes and historical sites to explore.

As with all big decisions, go with your gut! Sometimes taking a leap of faith is all it takes to leave your comfort zone. That doesn’t mean relocating is for everyone. Ultimately, it’s down to you to weigh up the pros and cons listed above. 

If you need a little extra persuading, why not contact a member of our friendly team in Australia? They’ll talk you through the process of moving, what’s needed and what to expect from the land Down Under. 


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