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Is Rural and Remote Work for Me?

17th Jul, 2018

Is Rural and Remote Work for Me?

Did you know that nearly 90% of Australians live in the country’s cities?

Yes, city life is great, and it has a lot to offer, but there’s so much more to life than what can be found in the hustle and bustle of metropolitan living – there’s so much more to Australia than (yes, we’re going to say it) beaches!

There’s something about taking a step back and looking at the world’s natural wonders (not just an artisan coffee!) that is truly humbling, and Australia really does have some phenomenal landscapes. Taking a step into Australia’s rural and remote locations isn’t only a chance to ‘become one with nature’, it’s also an opportunity to grow culturally and get to know the nation's roots.

Australia's Population Density Map

What can I expect?

Life is going to be different - particularly in remote areas. If you are looking to move to a remote area from a city, it could be a good idea to start in a rural town to gradually acclimatise to how remote living will be.

As you would expect, the area that you live and work in is likely to be much smaller than what you've experienced. People tend to be more resourceful in their everyday living; oh, and don’t be surprised if you need to drive…a lot. “It’s not far, only a four-hour drive!” (sorry?!)

However, living in a smaller town does have the benefit of being an actual community and getting to know the people that you’re living amongst. Also, the cost of living is A LOT less.

How can I prepare?

Make sure you research the specific place you're looking to move to. What’s your favourite thing to do? Check whether that’s a possibility in the location you have your eye on or have a backup option if not. There are luxuries, like fancy coffee, that you might struggle to find in certain areas, but maybe living without those luxuries is a challenge you want to set yourself.

If you’re heading to a remote location, you may also want to look into everyday things like what the water supply is like and how you will be paid.

Working in rural and remote Australia

Rural town in Australia

Workwise, when you’re in rural and remote locations, there’s so much more room for growth as you don’t have as many medical professionals working in specialised areas. So, if you’re up for a challenge and want to expand your knowledge and experience, you’re heading in the right direction!

Another characteristic you may find different from when working in the city is the number of patients you recognise or know from the outside world. Something you will learn quickly is how to separate people in the workplace from when you see them in your personal life.

You’ll probably notice that you see more people who are genuinely ill, as there are fewer prevention services in rural and remote areas. Also, where people are far from major hospitals, it’s common to see patients prioritise treatments that will keep them away from their families for the shortest amount of time, over what might be the most effective.

So, is it for me?

If you love culture, want to escape the madness of city-life, and would like to grow your knowledge and experience, then yes, rural and remote nursing is 100% for you.

Even if you only intend to go for a year or two, there’s so much to learn from being in a different environment; and should you choose to return to the city, it will look great to future employers.

To learn about Your World’s opportunities in remote and rural locations, get in touch now!