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Medical Radiation Professionals - Are You Ready For November 30th?

01st Nov, 2016

Medical Radiation Professionals - Are You Ready For November 30th?

As a medical radiation professional, you’ll know that your AHPRA registration requires renewing on November 30th (and if you didn’t know, you do now!)

To continue practicing, you’ll need to renew your registration by 30th November or face being removed from the Board. So how can you renew?

  • First thing’s first, make sure that AHPRA has your correct contact details so they can get in touch and send reminders for your renewal.
  • Once you have been informed that renewal is open, head over to the AHPRA login page.
  • You can view the cost for annual renewal by clicking here. On this page, you’ll also find the cost for late registration applications received in December.

What happens if you don’t register on time?

It’s your responsibility to make sure you renew by 30th November, but if you miss the deadline you can apply during the late period, which is open from 1st December – 31st December. This will cost you extra so avoid applying during the late period if possible!

What happens if you miss the late period?

If you miss the late period, you will be included in the registration lapses and your name will be removed from the register on 1 January. You can, however, apply for a fast-track application for registration. Forms for this are available on the Board website or you can phone the Customer Service Team on 1300 419 495 throughout January.

Please note that if you choose to complete a fast-track application, you cannot practice until your application is processed and your details of registration are updated on the national register.

Important dates to remember

30 November – your registration expires

1 December – late period begins (includes the renewal fee + late payment fee)

1 January – registration lapses (you can no longer practice and your name is removed from the national register. Fast track applications available.)

What if you’re from overseas?

Your World recommends applying for your AHPRA registration 3 months prior to coming over to Australia. Registrations can take a long time to process so make sure you cover yourself for time and have your AHPRA registration at the ready before you relocate!

If you have any questions about your AHPRA registration, don’t hesitate to contact us! Alternatively, visit the AHPRA website.