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Medical Imaging Jobs | Your World Healthcare

Medical Imaging Jobs | Your World Healthcare

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Medical Imaging is the practice of using specific techniques and processes to create visual representations for the inside of a body. These images have a number of functions from revealing parts of the body initially covered by skin or bones to gaining a clearer, up-close view of harder to reach body parts (such as inside the throat) plus many others.

The main purpose of medical imaging is to detect or diagnose an illness or abnormality within a patient. Images are clinically analysed for anomalies or disease and help healthcare professionals to assess the appropriate course of treatment. Medical imaging includes the use of x-ray radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, medical photography, magnetic resonance imaging and many other techniques that provide an insight into the human body.

The practice is common these days, with 5 billion studies within the field having been conducted worldwide up to 2010- just imagine how many more have been conducted since! 

Locum Medical Imaging Jobs

Your World Healthcare is the largest provider of Medical Imaging jobs in Australia. We have been supplying healthcare professionals around the world for over a decade and have therefore established a relationship with many clients as their agency of choice. This gives us pick of the best jobs on the market, supplied by expert recruitment consultants.

Worried that a hectic personal life is damaging your career goals? Your World supplies a broad variety of locum roles, which fit flexibly around your lifestyle. Work when you want to without committing to a full-time role!

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