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One of the biggest questions asked about the occupational therapy profession is how it differs from Physiotherapy. Yes, the professions have their similarities but also serve very different purposes when it comes to patient care.

So what exactly does an occupational therapist (OT) do? OT roles deal with the environmental as well as physical aspect of a patient’s rehabilitation following an illness or physical impairment. Whereas a Physiotherapist will use specific treatments such as acupuncture or manual therapy to assist recovery, an occupational therapist will go a step further and assess the patient’s lifestyle and personal environment. The OT will tailor a programme to help adapt their patient’s surroundings to accommodate their rehabilitation requirements.

The main aim of an occupational therapist is to help a patient carry out their day-to-day life and perform regular tasks without being restricted by their physical impairment. Their goal is to give the patient back their independence so life can go on as normally as possible.

People of all ages may require the help of an occupational therapist and for a vast assortment of reasons, including a medical condition such as arthritis, a learning disability or mental health condition.

Occupational Therapy Job Techniques

OTs must first get to know the patient and their difficulties with performing daily tasks before working out which techniques to use for an effective programme. These could include:

  • Practising tasks that patients find difficult

  • Looking at different approaches

  • Adapting the patient’s environment to make life easier

  • Providing technology to help carry out activities

Not only are occupational therapists important for ensuring a more regular personal life but also a maintainable working life. The therapist may look into a patient’s work environment and suggest changes, which gives people with physical disabilities the opportunity to have a career. 

Locum Occupational Therapy Jobs

Our Australian office specialises in the supply of top-class occupational therapists, placing them into reliable locum and permanent vacancies throughout the country. With an outstanding reputation for providing excellent customer service and numerous contracts in place with clients all over the country, Your World have first pick of the best jobs and offer competitive rates of pay. Just as an OT assesses their patients’ lifestyles to create a programme, Your World will assess your lifestyle and tailor a package to suit your needs. You’re in good hands! 

Opportunities for enthusiastic Dietitians across the UK.

Occupational Therapy Brisbane contract 60,000

Opportunities for enthusiastic Dietitians across the UK.

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