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Pharmacy Jobs | Your World Healthcare

Pharmacy Jobs | Your World Healthcare

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Your World Healthcare incorporates a specialist Pharmacy department, dedicated to the supply of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across Australia. Our team offers pharmacy candidates a wide range of positions at the best rates of pay.

We have a strong reputation with employers for placing high-quality, strong candidates into temporary, contract and permanent pharmacy jobs within the public and private sectors nationwide.

What does a Pharmacist do?

A Pharmacist provides specialist help and advice on the use and appropriate dosage of medication and medicinal products. They will also advise other healthcare professionals on the effects of drugs, medication, creams, ointments etc. and give patients information on how to use their prescription effectively. Pharmacy jobs come with terrific opportunities for career growth and development as well as the ability to specialise in certain areas of medicine.

Daily tasks for professionals in pharmacy jobs can vary according to what setting the pharmacist/technician is working in. For example, a community pharmacist would be likely to:

  • Give specialist advice to their local community

  • Organise and sell over the counter prescriptions

  • Explain to customers how to use their prescription

  • Visit patients and provide prescriptions to local nursing homes

  • Check and replenish stock levels within the pharmacy

Whereas a hospital pharmacist might be expected to:

  • Perform progress checks with patients on wards

  • Advise hospital staff on correct use and dosage of drugs

  • Purchase, inspect and distribute medicines around the hospital

  • Mix drugs and medications to create treatments

To undertake pharmacy roles, you should have studied for an approved degree and taken any other supplementary courses for a career in the field. You also need to possess great personal skills and have a caring nature – patients need to trust you! 

Locum Pharmacy Jobs

If you want work with more flexible hours and the ability to be your own boss, you might find your perfect career lies within locum pharmacy jobs. When you take on locum roles within pharmacy, you can decide when and where you take shifts, providing you with more time to dedicate to other commitments. Another great benefit to working locum shifts is that you gain far more experience in different locations and areas of your field.

To find out more about the locum pharmacy positions Your World Healthcare offers, contact our office today and speak to one of our friendly recruitment consultants!