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Christmas Shopping Tips for Busy Healthcare Professionals

10th Dec, 2018

Christmas Shopping Tips for Busy Healthcare Professionals

Long days or nights working at the hospital, sleeping at awkward times, limited budget, overtime …these things don’t exactly add up for the easiest of Christmas shopping experiences for healthcare professionals!

However, the job can be done, and guess what? You don’t have to pull any hairs out over it. From planning your Christmas shopping lists to how you map out your actual shopping trip, you’ll find tips for all of it here.

Preparation is key

Get organised GIF

Make notes

Creating a list of the people you need to buy for and preparing Christmas gift ideas in advance will save you masses of time. It prevents endless hours of scrolling through the internet or running up and down shopping aisles. Remember, time is precious!

Make sure that you’re only buying for the necessary people in your life, such as family and close friends. If you’re part of a large friendship circle or want to get something for your colleagues, why not suggest a Secret Santa to cut down on time and money?

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One of the greatest benefits of preparing your Christmas gift list in advance is that you typically spend less money, as you’re more aware of what you’re buying and can ensure you remain within budget.

Map your route before you shop

Once you’ve created your initial plan, it’s time to make notes, either physically or mentally, of all the places you need to visit, and which items you can buy collectively in one place. You could even plan your present ideas based around shops that are close together or, failing that, head to Amazon and do your Christmas shop online – you have everything you need in one place and next day delivery for Prime customers!

Can you set yourself a challenge to complete everything in one day?

Christmas gift ideas for everyone!

Handing out Christmas presents GIF

There are a few gifts that never go amiss. These include…

Experience days

Memories are precious – some may argue more than material items. If you head to places like Groupon, Virgin Experience Days, you can find packages for hotels, go-karting, cookery classes and more. You don’t have to spend too much either - currently offer experiences from €5!

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Experience days are often designed for two people, so you might even tick two people off your list at once!

Gift cards

They’re sometimes labelled a lazy present, but come on, how happy are you when you’re given a voucher for your favourite store? It means you can treat yourself to something you may not otherwise be able to justify.

Learn what the recipient’s favourite shop is and get them a gift card – they’ll love it!

Set a theme

You have several options that are always safe: candles, smellies and drinks.

If you’re short on time, setting a theme could be your saviour. If you were to choose a candle theme, for example, you could buy votives, multi-wick candles, candle holders – anything candle related, and if you can get them all in one place, that’s a bonus!

Other themes could include calendars, hats and gloves, frames, personalised mugs or the Christmas classic, pyjamas.

Pyjama dance GIF

Create a Christmas hamper

If you’ve got plenty of small-gift ideas but no ‘show-stopper’, why not buy a pretty box or basket and combine all of those small pressies into one big hamper? Hampers are perfect for people who love festive food, DVDs, candles, make-up, stationery and just about anything else you can fit into a box!

And finally…

Remember, even if you are short on time, try not to leave things to the last minute, especially if you’re shopping online – you don’t want your delivery to arrive after Christmas! To be safe, try to avoid placing online shopping orders after the 15th December to allow plenty of time for your shipment to arrive.

In terms of shopping in person, do so at your own risk! If you like the buzz of last-minute shopping, go ahead, but remember, the closer we get to the big day the more manic the stores are likely to get (which could add on extra time to your schedule).

Christmas madness GIF


Another time-saving trick for those looking to bag the best deal (aren’t we all!) is to download the web extension ‘Honey’. This will automatically scan the internet for the greatest discounts and apply them to your basket, so you don’t have to hunt for them yourself!

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!


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