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Every Healthcare Student Has Used These Emojis at Least Once

11th Jul, 2017

Every Healthcare Student Has Used These Emojis at Least Once

Pray Hands

This emoji really comes in handy when you have an assignment or exam due and you're desperately tweeting the universe for a miracle...



This building is where amazing, life-saving work takes place - of course you want to show it off!


Sleepy Face

Is there actually a more tired person than someone studying or working in healthcare? Didn't think so.


Wine Glass

Sometimes the only cure for a stressful day as a student is fruit...well, grapes...okay, fermented grapes...

...Wine. You need wine.



You can't wait to remind rude patients that you choose the size of their needle...

*purple devil face emoji* 



Oh, sweet life fuel, thank you for keeping us awake when we're tempted to fall asleep on the nearest gurney. Amen. 



Wait, which one is the one that had the chapter on foley catheters? This stuff makes GCSE text books look like Dr Seuss! *tears hair out*




Pharmacy students will especially love this one but medication is a huge part of every healthcare degree - now where's that drug reference book you were reading earlier?



Say 'ah' - wait, this does go in your mouth, right? 



No, healthcare students don't really love chocolate ice-cream...they're just always dealing with poo.


Masked Face

You've seen some things, man. 


Grad Cap

It's so close, you can almost smell it...or maybe that's just C. Diff...



You can do this - just think - make words on paper...


Cry Face

Can't. Get. Through. This. Degree.


Strong Arm

Yes you can, because you're the strongest people on the planet!