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Gorgeous Hairstyles for When You're At Work

06th Jul, 2017

Gorgeous Hairstyles for When You're At Work

When working as a healthcare professional, you often find yourself running around and hair is one thing you don’t want to be worrying about.

The rules obviously state that you must have your hair tied up, which many people aren’t a fan of, but who’s to say that your hair can’t look beautiful whilst practically being out of your face?

So here are some of our favourite up-dos we think you will like - perfect for those of you who want something simple and also for those who are secret stylists!

Starting with something simple…

A high ponytail will NEVER go out of style; they look awesome every time! Go for a slightly messy pony, as Kendall has here, to soften the look up. You can do this simply by tugging at the hair once it’s tied back and back-combing the ponytail itself.


Then there’s the upgraded pony where you wrap a strand of hair around your band and pin it down. Try pulling a few strands of hair around your face to frame it more. You can also do this with a low ponytail.


We’re taking things up a notch! This is a gorgeous style for those of you who want to add a little something to your do. You can achieve this look by simply adding a regular plait to the side of your head (or French plait), which is then tied in with your ponytail. Wrap a strand of hair around your hairband as you did above and you’re done!


The top knot. Another classic! You can either do a regular bun or to create a bun like this, pull your hair half way through and wrap the excess hair around the band.


How about double trouble with two buns? You can place these at the top of your head, as seen here, or right at the bottom.


Fishtail plaits are so simple, yet look so beautiful. Rather than using three strands to make your braid, separate your hair into two big sections. Then, all you need to do is cross small strands of hair from one side to the next and repeat. See a full tutorial here.


These messy dutch plaits look so gorgeous and the way they are angled into the nape of your neck means they won’t be swinging in your face. To achieve this look, create a dutch plait or a french plait, leaving two strands of hair out at the bottom ready to wrap around at the end (last step can be left out if preferred). 


A halo (or crown) braid can be quite fiddley, especially when it comes to working the hair at the back of your head. However, once you have practiced a few times it becomes as easy as doing any other French or Dutch plait. This look is awesome if you want all your hair completely out of the way. See a tutorial here.


Let’s not forget the girls with short hair! Create two braids that frame the front of your face, choosing between a French or a Dutch plait. On the side where your hair is heaviest, start your braid from half way down your parting, run it along the line, across your forehead and behind your ear.