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Sleep Better When You Listen To Pink Noise

21st Jun, 2017

Sleep Better When You Listen To Pink Noise

You’ve most likely heard of white noise, but have you ever heard of it’s relative, pink noise?

In the past, white noise has been recommended to people who have sleeping problems however, research has now shown that listening to pink noise may in fact be more effective.

Not only can pink noise help you to sleep better but it can also improve your memory! If you’re a healthcare professional or a student training to be one, these two things are essential.

So, what exactly is pink noise and how is it different to white noise?

White noise is known for being an even, constant sound. Technically, it’s when there are many frequencies with equal intensities, for example rain, crickets chirping or a washing machine.

With pink noise the power per hertz decreases as the frequency increases, meaning lower frequencies are louder and more powerful than higher frequencies. Examples include wind rustling the leaves on a tree or a heartbeat.

If you’re thinking you’d like to try listening to pink noise, you can find it on YouTube, SoundCloud or even by downloading a pink noise app.


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