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Your World Featured in Agency Central - 24 May 2016

24th May, 2016

Your World Featured in Agency Central - 24 May 2016

We are delighted to share our latest piece of Press exposure, courtesy of agency central tackling the very topical and debateable issue of Britain’s stance within the European Union (EU).

Titled “What UK Business Thinks of the Referendum on Brexit”, John Train’s article focuses on the pivotal decision about whether or not Britain should exit (Brexit) the EU drawing down to the big decision day, Thursday 23rd June.

Covering all aspects of business contribution agency central have reached out to global leaders across various high-level industry platforms, including Rolls-Royce (automotive), BlackRock (hedge fund/financial) and staffing agencies such as APSCo and of course, Your World Healthcare.

Our contribution to the piece comes in the form of an expert opinion from Andrew Anastasiou, Divisional Director for International Recruitment at Your World, siding with the opinion that leaving the EU would have a detrimental effect on the ability for our UK business to secure healthcare workers from abroad.

"As a company we believe leaving Europe could limit our opportunity to secure healthcare professionals from our European neighbours. Placing restrictions on the movement of such staff will have nothing but a detrimental effect."

Train’s article indulges the reader with various charts and infographics to support the text surrounding the on-going debate that will undoubtedly shape Britain’s business future.

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