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Healthcare settings are made up of many different roles and not all of them clinical. Some of the most important people in hospitals have had no medical training whatsoever! Who are these mysterious people, you ask? They’re actually not so mysterious at all; in fact, you’ll see many of them on every single visit to a surgery, clinic or hospital.

That’s right, we’re talking about the Non-Medical Non-Clinical (NMNC) professionals who take on the administrative duties that keep the healthcare industry running smoothly.

What are non-clinical jobs?

If a role within the healthcare sector doesn’t involve administering medication and is not directly part of the diagnosis and treatment process, it is classed as a non-clinical job.

Yes, the clinical team is essential to all healthcare environments but behind the scenes, organising appointments, contacting patients, maintaining records, writing letters, arranging surgeries, feeding patients, cleaning the facilities and helping patients move around are the non-clinical heroes, who keep hospitals running like a well-oiled machine.

Non-clinical professionals can work in multiple departments and include (but are not limited to) receptionists, administrators, kitchen porters, catering assistants, housekeeping staff, chefs, porters and secretaries.

What skills do you need for non-clinical jobs?

A variety of skills are handy for taking on an NMNC role. Outstanding organisation skills and strong attention to detail will always serve a non-clinical professional well. As many NMNC jobs involve speaking to people face-to-face and over the phone, excellent communication skills are essential. You might also need specific computer and IT training/qualifications to take on some positions.

Find NMNC jobs with Your World Healthcare

Your World can provide a wide range of temporary and permanent non-clinical roles throughout Ireland. We understand that balancing your personal and professional life can be tricky, which is why we’re able to offer a number of working solutions that fit flexibly around your lifestyle.

Browse our full range of NMNC positions below or contact us to speak directly to a member of our friendly recruitment team.