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Occupational Therapy Jobs | Your World Healthcare

Occupational Therapy Jobs | Your World Healthcare

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Your World Healthcare is a leading supplier of Occupational Therapists throughout the Republic of Ireland. We have a dedicated team of OT Recruiters who are committed to finding the very best occupational therapy jobs in top healthcare settings nationwide.

What does an Occupational Therapist do?

OT jobs deal with the environmental and physical aspects of a patient’s rehabilitation following an illness or injury. Unlike Physiotherapists, who use more specific treatments, such as acupuncture or manual therapy to assist recovery, Occupational Therapists will also assess a patient’s lifestyle and personal environment. The OT will tailor a programme to the individual, which takes their surroundings into account and accommodates their rehabilitation requirements.

What does an Occupational Therapy job involve?

The main aim of an OT is to help a patient carry out their day-to-day life and perform everyday tasks without being restricted by their physical impairment. Their goal is to give the patient back their independence, so they can continue to live normally.

Occupational Therapists must first get to know the patient and the challenges they face on a daily basis, before creating an effective recovery programme. Techniques for doing this may include:

·         Practising tasks that patients find difficult

·         Looking at different approaches for improving tasks

·         Adapting the patient’s environment

·         Providing technology that can help with daily activities

The therapist may also look into their patient’s working life and suggest changes where required. In this way, OTs give people with physical impairments the opportunity to maintain a successful working career.

Who needs Occupational Therapists?

People who work in occupational therapy can provide their services to patients of all ages. There is a vast assortment of reasons for needing an OT, including medical conditions that affect movement, such as arthritis, as well as learning disabilities, mental health conditions and long-term injuries.

How much does an Occupational Therapist earn?

In ROI, the average salary for an occupational therapist starts at roughly €25,000 per year. The Irish OT salary can increase to as much as around €52,000 per year, depending on the working location and the OT’s level of experience.

Occupational Therapy jobs with Your World

Our Dublin office specialises in the supply of top-class Occupational Therapists, placing them into reliable locum and permanent vacancies throughout Ireland. With an outstanding reputation for providing excellent customer service and numerous contracts in place with clients all over the country, Your World has first pick of the best jobs with great rates of pay. Just as an OT assesses their patients’ lifestyles to create a programme, Your World will assess your lifestyle and tailor a package to suit your needs. You’re in good hands!