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Your World NIHL Audiology

Your World NIHL Audiology

A new service providing high quality Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Audiometry is now available through Your World Recruitment Group. The Your World NIHL Audiology panel of expert audiologists offer complete independence - with accurate, unbiased audiograms for every client - and all at a realistic rate.

Our mission is to vastly improve upon the standard of audiometry currently being provided and ultimately save time and money for all those involved in the process.  

With the introduction of the MedCo portal and the recent ruling in the Holloway case, it has become even more important to ensure that each case fulfils the criteria for success in court. By ensuring compliance to NHS standard and by having no commercial interest in the outcome of the tests, Your World NIHL Audiology has strategically positioned itself to be able to offer an unrivalled level of service to industrial disease specialists.

The Your World panel of experts 

The panel consists of fully compliant, specially selected audiologists situated around the country. Each highly experienced audiologist on the panel understands and adheres to the Coles, Lutman and Buffin (CLB) guidelines.

The importance of NIHL guidelines

The CLB guidelines are recognised as the industry standard and are frequently referred to in NIHL cases. They can provide clarity for an industrial disease which is otherwise difficult to assess. The guidelines describe the typical shape and pattern of an audiogram, where the patient presents with the effects of noise damage. The most common outline is that of the symmetrical notch in the high frequencies, most notably at 3k, 4k or 6k. However, with the onset of age, this can sometimes lead to a ‘bulge’ alteration, as both 6k and 8k begin to decline because of presbyacusis. There are often outcomes that fall between the two common shapes, and these require a degree of experience and judgment from the audiologist in order to assist a legal team. These key skills are vital to the selection process for the Your World panel.

100% Compliance

With the advent of MedCo, compliance has become even more important. Every audiologist on the Your World panel is fully compliant to NHS standard. This will include a DBS check, Hep B and Tuberculosis tests, manual handling training, as well as full background checks on academic records. All our audiologists are covered by personal indemnity insurance. Every audiometer carries a current calibration certificate, which is available for inspection.

Location, location, location

We can offer our services in the following locations: North East, North West, Yorkshire & Humberside, Midlands, Lincolnshire, Norfolk & Suffolk, Devon & Cornwall, the South Coast and Kent. Using the combined experience of each expert conducting many clinics around the country, Your World have devised a list of venues suitable for testing, with acceptable ambient noise levels.

NIHL Services

Services provided by Your World NIHL Audiology include:

  • Home visits
  • Screening clinics
  • Full Diagnostic clinics
  • Second stage testing
  • Soundproof booth facility 
  • Bespoke audiograms
  • Custom patient questionnaire creation
  • ENT consultancy

An example of a bespoke audiogram created for a client by our expert marketing department. 

This is an additional service available which can be utilised by any of our clients to meet their specific requirements, following current BSA (British Society of Audiology) guidelines.  
If you would like to find out more about our NIHL services click here.