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NMC Revalidation

What is NMC revalidation?

Revalidation is the process that Nurses and Midwives working within the UK need to complete in order to stay registered with the NMC. The aim of revalidation is to ensure the safe practice of Nursing and Midwifery staff across the UK, allowing professionals to demonstrate their competence and ensuring high levels of patient care. Revalidation needs to be completed every 3 years and applications must be submitted online. You must therefore ensure that you have an online NMC account.

What is required for NMC revalidation?

Did you know that Your World can act as the confirmer for your revalidation?

Although the NMC strongly suggests that you ask a line manager to act as your confirmer, should you be finding this difficult, our Clinical Advisory Team are qualified to act as your confirmer instead. If you’d like to know more about who can be your revalidation confirmer, you can use the NMC’s confirmer tool.

For a list of other appropriate confirmers, click here.

What will revalidation via Your World Healthcare cost you?

If you have been working with Your World for less than two years, you will be charged £75 for our revalidation service. The Clinical Advisory Team are able to review your completed documents prior to your revalidation.

As a special thank you to our long-standing candidates, the price of revalidation will be reduced to £50 for Nurses and Midwives who have worked with us for two years or more.

When should you start your NMC revalidation?

Once you have completed all revalidation requirements, your application for revalidation must be submitted online. Your online application opens 60 days before your revalidation application date. During this period of 60 days, you must log into your NMC Online account and address the requirements. When revalidating via Your World Healthcare, you must attend with all the necessary documents completed and printed on the day of sign off.

What happens if I cannot make my revalidation appointments?

If completing the revalidation process via Your World Healthcare, you will be required to visit our Clinical Advisory Team as part of the process. Due to the large number of Nurses and Midwives we work with, it is important that you attend your scheduled appointments. Should you be unable to attend, please inform our Clinical Advisory Team as soon as possible – they will be happy to rearrange this for you. Failure to attend without informing the team will result in you losing priority for our revalidation services. We will only operate revalidation services from our London Head Office. Please note your payment will not be refunded for missed appointments.

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