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Specialist Language Courses

Your World has partnered up with Specialist Language Courses with the aim to provide our overseas candidates with a proper understanding of English used in a healthcare environment plus helping them feel confident to use it.

The course covers:

  • Learn good communication in an international or English-speaking healthcare environment
  • Understand essential medical and everyday healthcare terminology
  • Practical language focus using dialogues, role play, and animated videos
  • Practise with real healthcare materials - hospital charts, assessment tools, forms
  • Spoken English practise in a variety of healthcare scenarios including admissions, talking about pain, pressure area care, IV therapy, giving handovers, administering medications, and many more
  • Focus on improving vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation

The specialist language courses we offer are accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK. Completing this course is equal to 80 CPD hours/points.

Who can take this course?

Our specialist language courses are currently available to doctors and nurses, and cover online English and IELTS Preparation. 

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