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Your Pay

We encourage you to thoroughly explore your employment options so that you can assess what the best arrangement is for you.

Your options are typically:

  1. to be paid as PAYE,
  2. provide your services through an Umbrella Company, or
  3. provide your services through a Personal Services Company. 

Depending on the nature of the assignment, and in some instances at the direction of the end client, options 2. and 3. may not always be available.

We want to be as transparent as possible regarding your options, please see the links below to ‘Further information’ and ‘Key Information Documents’.

Your World Healthcare operate a daily payroll throughout the year for candidates paid via PAYE.  This payment is direct to your account and gives you peace of mind that your tax affairs are being dealt with safely.

If you wish to be paid by an umbrella company, they will control the timing of payments, and it is your responsibility to ensure your tax affairs are being dealt with appropriately.

Your World Healthcare has shortlisted a selection of umbrella companies that many of our candidates have given us positive feedback about.

We encourage you to look at the various options available to you and discuss your requirements with the following companies:
NumberMill Ltd.
Tel: 0333 121 2001
JSA Group
Tel: 0800 25 26 40
Sapphire Accounting
Sapphire Accounting
Tel: 01625 539 997
Pendragon Consultancy Ltd
Tel: 01992 267 067
Walker Smith
Tel:0208 10 60 000
ForeTwo Group
ForeTwo Group
Tel: 0808 196 9601

Candidate Communications

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Key Information Documents

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Further Information

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