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10 UK Experiences You're Definitely Missing Out On

22nd Nov, 2016

10 UK Experiences You're Definitely Missing Out On

Roman baths in Bath

Ever wanted to experience Roman culture in a unique British setting? The Roman Baths in the city of Bath are an incredible insight into the way Romans lived. Incorporating four main features, including the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and a museum featuring historical Roman artefacts. It’s a little bit of Italian history in the Southwest of England.

See the Peak District

Rolling hillsides, stunning natural landscapes and incredible hiking/cycling paths; the Peak District in northern Derbyshire is a part of the UK countryside not to be missed. With some picturesque country pubs and quaint cottages, the Peak District will capture your heart forever.

Afternoon Tea 

Drinking tea is a quintessentially British past-time so, of course, ‘afternoon tea’ is a big hit with lots of Brits and tourists alike. London is jam-packed full of fancy hotels, most of which offer afternoon teas of varying themes. These are the perfect way to enjoy the finer things (and lots of cake) with a friend or loved one. 

Arthur’s Seat

Fancy a challenging (but breath taking) hike to the peak of a mountain in Edinburgh? As one of the best things to do for free in Scotland, climbing Arthur’s Seat will be sure to both inspire and amaze you. Featuring beautiful views over Edinburgh, this experience may get your blood pumping but you can expect to feel at one with nature.

Victor’s Way, Indian Sculpture Park

Are you a fan of the outrageous and unusual? This sculpture park/meditative garden in County Wicklow, Ireland will certainly cater to your interests! Featuring numerous granite sculptures that are designed to engage reflection and contemplation, the park is a great spring/summer experience; ideal if you want some time for peace and tranquillity. 
Please note: this experience is not suitable for children

British Food

Fish & chips, tea & cake, Haggis, bangers & mash, steak & ale pie; British food is unmistakeable! It’s true when they say that to really experience proper British cuisine, you have to go there! Get stuck in!

Pub Life

Pubs can be found throughout the UK and even in some international locations. But one thing’s for sure; their atmosphere simply cannot be replicated in any other part of the world! Think pub quizzes, pool tables, pork scratchings and a well-earned pint!

The Seaside

Nothing beats setting up your deck chair on a sandy (or stony) beach and enjoying the exciting seaside-life the UK has to offer. Along with seagulls, seaweed and sandcastles, the UK has a number of buzzing seaside attractions, including theme parks, arcades, quaint seaside cafes and water sports! 


When was it made? Who made it? How did they get those giant stones into that formation? Stonehenge remains a mystery to this day but what we do know is that visiting the great monument in Wiltshire, England is not an opportunity to be missed!

UK History

Whether you’re into Tudor life, Medieval castles, politics or giant stone structures from thousands of years ago, the UK has a rich history that caters to most interests. With museums and historical locations throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the UK will have you continuously learning new, amazing things!
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