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3 Years of Working With Your World - Anne Strike MBE

04th Apr, 2016

3 Years of Working With Your World - Anne Strike MBE

Olympia-Wafula Foundation relies on the support of sponsors to help accomplish its mission; to provide education scholarships, provide wheelchairs and disability advocacy outreach in Africa and Asia. One such sponsor is Your World Recruitment Group (YWRG) based in London.

YWRG first supported me as a performing Paralympian in 2012 and they were there to provide a friendly support. When Olympia-Wafula Foundation was registered, YWRG have stood with us and with their financial backing, have helped us to take off that edge that every charity is facing in the current economic climate of uncertainty. 

Last week, I was invited to the YWRG offices and my heart leaped with excitement when they extended their support for this year.  

Three years now that we have been able to continue to support young people with a disability to continue to access 'inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all' - which is the fourth of the seventeen sustainable goals as defined in "Transforming Our World - The 2030  Agenda For Sustainable Development"

During my discussion with Alex King, Group Marketing Manager of YWRG, I shared my dream of Olympia-Wafula Foundation having a disability centre in Africa where vocational training, disability rehab and support would take centre stage, alongside wheelchair manufacturing. 

I am very much looking forward to this year’s fundraising and campaign work with YWRG, as we hope to both achieve our goals.

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