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5 Great Tips for Aged Care Newbies!

29th Nov, 2016

5 Great Tips for Aged Care Newbies!

Interview Tips for Aged Care Jobs

Finished your training in Aged Care? Congratulations - you’re ready to go out and start interviewing for your first aged care jobs! But before you do, there are some vital tips you need to read…

Prepare for interview questions

Brush up on general interview questions, which will relate directly to you and your experience. You might be asked to talk about yourself and your hobbies etc. as well as your work ethics, strengths and weaknesses. You could also be asked what you know about the organisation you are applying for, which brings us onto the next important tip…

Do your research

Many interviewers like to make sure that you’ve applied for a job because you want to work in their particular organisation, not just because you need any job that will take you on. Look into the history of the organisation and ensure you know all of the aged care services they provide so you’re ready for whatever they ask you.

Fill any gaps in your knowledge

In order to really impress your interviewer, you will need to know as much about current aged care jobs as possible. Update any gaps in your knowledge that perhaps you didn’t understand whilst training and you’ll be ready for any curve balls the interviewer throws your way.

Remember the standard dos and don’ts

When interviewing, there are some important personal things you need to remember. Ensure excellent hygiene and make yourself look presentable; wear smart clothes to your interview and keep your hair clean, neat and tidy. Be on time to your interview and be polite to your interviewer(s) as aged care positions involve working with people and a pleasant nature is essential. Maintain positive body language by avoiding crossed arms, drumming your fingers and looking down when speaking.

Strengthen your resume

Before being scheduled for an interview you must send your resume over with your application. However, in order to stand out and convince the organisation that you’re right for the job, you need your resume to showcase your knowledge and skills. Go into as much detail as possible (but only for the positions that are relevant to the one you’re applying for). Your resume should ideally be no more than 1-2 sides of A4. 

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