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6 Things We have X-Rays to Thank For

08th Nov, 2017

6 Things We have X-Rays to Thank For

Today is the anniversary of the discovery of x-rays - a.k.a. International Day of Radiology!

It was on this day, 122 years ago, that German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen accidentally discovered x-rays while experimenting with vacuum tubes.

We’re sure you’ll agree that this has been a very useful accident, for which we’re extremely grateful!

To celebrate, here are some of the incredible ways that x-rays have changed the world we live in.

DNA structure

Did you know that x-rays helped Rosalind Franklin with her discovery of the DNA double helix?

X-ray of DNA Double Helix

Lung and heart problems

They can display if someone has pneumonia, lung cancer, heart failure and more.

Xray of Lung Cancer

Detect fractures and breaks

Everyone knows that x-rays can be used to find breaks and fractures, but it makes us no less grateful! They can also show cancerous and noncancerous bone tumours.

X-ray of a Broken Arm

Dental treatments

X-rays are used to gain an understanding of dental problems. They can show loose or extra teeth, abscesses and more.

Dental x-ray | Wisdom Teeth

Developed into further technologies

Thanks to x-rays, we also have contrast x-rays, CT scans, fluoroscopy, and mammograms, which are all major pieces of equipment used continuously in our hospitals. 

CT scan of the brain

Airport security

Airport security might be a pain to go through as a passenger, but it does an unbelievable job of keeping us safe and preventing any dangerous objects or substances from entering the country.

Airport Security Scanner | Xray

Finding Lost Objects

Oh yeah, and x-rays are also great at finding your car keys!

Dog Swallowed Keys - X-ray