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A History of Royal Hospital Visits

02nd Jun, 2016

A History of Royal Hospital Visits

This month will mark the Queen’s 90th birthday across many parts of Australia. Over the years, the Royal Family have made various trips across the seas to tour the country, including our many outstanding hospitals. Here’s a quick look into some of their visits…

1945 - The Duchess of Gloucester visits a Naval hospital in Herne Bay, near Sydney


1954 - Queen Elizabeth visits patients in hospital


1963 - The Queen visits a child in hospital on her second visit to Australia


1996 - Princess Diana at St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney

Photo: Duchesseorange - wordpress

2005 - Prince Charles visits the Royal Perth Hospital

photo: WA Today

2011 - The Queen and Prince Philip sign the guestbook at The Royal Children's Hospital

Photo: JuliaPGelardi - wordpress

2014 - Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Bear Cottage Children's Hospice, one of two in Australia

Photo:The Mirror 

Happy 90th birthday Queen Elizabeth, Australia looks forward to more visits from the royal family in the future!