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A merry New Year's to you all

30th Dec, 2019

A merry New Year's to you all

So, we heard you’re still deciding what to do for New Year’s. Don’t worry; we’ve made a list of the UK’s best New Year firework displays. Wrap yourself warm; it’s going to be a cold one!


Location: Thames riverside, London SE1
Price: £10 per person
As we all know, London’s New Year’s firework display is spectacular. Get ready to cosy in London Bridge with the other three million people who are intending to join.

Free London Hot Spots

Location: Read below
Price: Free
Every year, the Mayor of London’s annual show by Thames riverside sells out, but do not fear, Your World is here! Primrose Hill, Parliament Hill, Alexandra Palace, Millennium Bridge and Greenwich Park prove to be perfect spots to enjoy the firework display (they’re free too). 

Trafalgar Square (still London)

Location: Trafalgar Square
Price: Free
If communal firework display gatherings aren’t your thing (read above), then head to Trafalgar Square. You may be tight for space, but the atmosphere is magnetic. Plus, you can still enjoy London’s fireworks.


Location: Winter Wonderland, Cardiff CF10 3ND
Price: Free
Buckle in; you’re in for a ride. This year, the Welsh are celebrating New Year’s in Winter Wonderland, and we all know what that means, funfair rides (yay)! Head over in the evening, enjoy the magical atmosphere, and as soon as it strikes 12, lookup. Cardiff’s firework display is glorious.


Location: Edinburgh Castle
Price: £31.50 per person
Oh look, we’re in Scotland. From the 30th of Dec to the 1st of Jan, Edinburgh’s streets are your dancefloor, or as the Scots refer to it: Hogmanay (new year’s celebrations). From 7:30 pm to fireworks at midnight, to whatever time you venture home, Edinburgh hosts Scotland’s biggest New Year’s Street party.


Location: Kings Dock, Liverpool LE 4FP
Price: £14.20 per person
The race is on! If horses are your thing, and you’d rather spend New Year’s indoors, head over to Liverpool. The entire display is inside Liverpool’s International Horse Show (indoor fireworks are a thing), and before the clock strikes 12, enjoy a full day of festivities and equestrian performances!


Location: Gateshead, Newcastle
Price: Free
Never a dull moment, Newcastle is an electrifying place for New Year’s celebrations, and what better way to enjoy the New Year if not by the banks of River Tyne? Congregate by Tyne Bridge before the final hour, (midnight if you haven’t guessed), and after the countdown, 2020 is enjoyed with a breath-taking fireworks display. 


Location: Deansgate
Price: Free
Growing in popularity amongst the thousands is Manchester’s New Year’s Eve festivities. This year, the firework display will be held outside Manchester’s Cathedral. Prepare to be left in awe; a spectacular show will sparkle over the city. By the way, it starts at 10:30 pm, don’t be late!