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A Review of Our Brisbane Open Days

30th Mar, 2015

A Review of Our Brisbane Open Days

On Friday 20th – Saturday 21st March, Your World Healthcare Australia hosted an open day opportunity for candidates to meet our staff and ask questions about the various work opportunities available to them, including the chance to work over in the UK. Sevgi Yildiz reports…

“We decided to hold a Roadshow right in the heart of Brisbane, focusing on Allied Health Professionals. When it came to selecting a venue we opted for a more comfortable feel to resonate with the Brisbane locals and Australian way of life so, we booked a two bedroom apartment hotel and set up the living room with banners giving the event a more welcoming, relaxed feel. By picking this style of venue and atmosphere, it enabled us to host the Friday evening session as a cheese and wine evening and the Saturday as a morning/afternoon tea event, again welcoming and putting the candidates at ease. Our aim was to make the event as approachable to candidates as possible.

Overall we had a fantastic response to our weeks of advertising done simply yet tastefully via social media channels and mailouts. Over a dozen Allied Health Professionals confirmed their attendance and turned up, keeping our team busy and the atmosphere lively.

The greatest response was received from OTs and Physiotherapists. We booked attendees into hourly time slots in order to provide a more catered response to each individual candidate and had no more than three people in each hourly session. This way, candidates were able to specify their questions and discuss their personal situations, allowing us to give them a more comprehensive and personalised understanding of moving to the UK.

Our presenter was Donna Sabine who genuinely blew me away with the level of information she had to offer the candidates. No questions were gone unanswered without specific details and examples. As factual and technical as her knowledge was, she also offered the candidates with information about living in the UK, giving them catered advice on where they could live depending on their personal preferences and lifestyle choices.

We have produced 6-7 confirmed candidates that are in the process of moving the UK and working with Your World Healthcare. A success for us and a success for them!” If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with either Sevgi or Donna on 1300 362 337 Or by email: Sevgi [email protected]