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Healthcare Hacks to Make Your Shifts Easier!

28th Oct, 2016

Healthcare Hacks to Make Your Shifts Easier!
If you spend your working hours in a hospital, you’ll understand the frustrations that come with it; bathroom stops are a luxury, clean scrubs don’t last long and what on earth is a lunch break? You know the saying, ‘small changes make a big difference’ – here are some small changes you can make to your working life that will make a big impact on your general happiness at work.

Keep two pens

One for you and only you, and one for that nurse you work with who always forgets to bring their own biro with on rounds. Hopefully, they’ll remember to give it back to you but if not, at least you’re not left without your precious writing tool! 

Al Fresco Sandwiches

Okay, maybe it’s not as fancy as it sounds but when you work in a hospital, getting fresh air outside can be challenging. Instead of sitting in the staff room whilst you eat, why not sit on a bench outside and inhale some nourishing breaths in between bits of your Chicken Club Baguette? You’ll return to your shift feeling more refreshed!

Dinner’s Served

It’s safe to say that not all of us are pro chefs. In fact, the thought of cooking actually makes some of us feel somewhat queasy. Now take that culinary anxiety and add a long and tiring shift into the mix – cooking something nutritious is the last thing on your mind; if it keeps you alive, it’ll do. 
Set a couple of hours aside on your day off to bulk-prep some healthy and filling meals that can be refrigerated or frozen and easily re-heated. When you come home from a busy shift, you’ll grab your pre-planned dinner instead of the nearest junk-food. 

H2O on the Go

Water is so regularly overlooked when it comes to re-energising at work. Coffee and highly caffeinated drinks are given the seal of approval whilst poor, life-saving water sits in the cooler looking sorry for itself.