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Help- I Just Graduated!

28th Jun, 2017

Help- I Just Graduated!

You count down the days until you graduate and when you do, it feels like you’re thrown into a big open void, which can be very overwhelming and scary.

Having a degree within the healthcare field can be quite beneficial in that you often work on placements during your studies - meaning you have plenty of experience once you graduate.    

When to Start Work

When you’ve finished university, it’s definitely important to find some time to breathe and let your hair down. If you can, book yourself a holiday or make a couple of day trips with your friends and family.

Once you’ve let your brain recover a little, it’s time to start applying for jobs! It never looks good when you have large gaps on your CV, so make sure you don’t take too much time out.

Applying for Jobs

It’s often the case that your first job isn’t your dream one. This doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck in that role forever but it will allow you to get experience and keep your CV flowing.

Remember: all experience is good experience – there’s always something new to learn.

Apply for your dream jobs but don’t forget to apply for others too. It’s better you get a job in a specialism or department that isn’t the exact one you’re aiming for than going months waiting at home for the dream job to suddenly appear. You can still apply for jobs whilst in employment so if you do see something you think you would prefer, apply for it!

If your new job doesn’t start immediately, utilize your time off by keeping up to date on current research or by doing some voluntary work.

Work Abroad

There are many countries that will accept graduates for work. Working abroad is a great way to explore a new culture whilst gaining an income at the same time.

Different countries have different rules, so the best thing to do is check with the governing body of the country you would like to work in. They may request you sign up to a medical board or to have a certain amount of experience. If they do require more experience than you currently have, at least you have the information for when you have acquired that time.

If Ireland or Australia are on your list of places to visit, our International Team can help you to get there and answer any questions you might have.

Starting Your New Job

Starting a new job can be pretty scary. The first thing you need to do is accept that you’re not going to be perfect straight away, so be patient with yourself.

A common belief amongst nurses is that it takes one year for a nurse to become comfortable and two to feel confident handling most situations. In the beginning, you might find things tough but hang in there!

The best thing you can do is to find a mentor- be that someone who is assigned to you or one you have sourced yourself. Watch how they work, how they interact with patients and how they manage their time.

Get involved and experience as much as you can. If there’s an opportunity to observe something new, take it up! Don’t be afraid to ask questions either.

It’s also important to get to know your co-workers. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with them and when things are tough, you’re going to be each other’s support. Let’s face it, work is always more fun when you get on with your colleagues.

And finally, remember to take time out to rest!

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