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Here's Why You'll Love Our Temporary Shifts

13th Dec, 2016

Here's Why You'll Love Our Temporary Shifts

A healthcare career in Australia is full of different opportunities; there are hundreds of specialties that can take you quite literally anywhere in the country. One of the best opportunities available to healthcare professionals is temporary healthcare jobs.

When you work as a temporary nurse, locum doctor or other temporary healthcare professional, you work shifts as and when you want to rather than a contracted set of hours. To help you understand temporary work a little better, let’s take a look at some of the advantages…

Flexible hours

Temporary work gives you the chance to work shifts as and when you want to. This is the perfect solution for Doctors, Nurses and healthcare workers across a range of sectors with hectic lifestyles and not much time for a full-time contract.

If you’re struggling to balance your personal life and career, this might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Great pay

Temporary work often pays better than a permanent contract. Your specific skills are being hand-selected for a job that needs filling for a short period of time, which means there isn’t much time to be trained or learn on the job – you need to be a pro in your specialty and should therefore be paid as such!


When you take on temporary healthcare roles, you’re not tied down to a contract. This is ideal if you want to see the world and make some money doing what you love! Healthcare recruitment agencies will often offer overseas opportunities, giving you the chance to travel without giving up your hard-earned career.

Personalised to you

Temporary work is easily found with a healthcare recruitment agency like Your World Healthcare. Simply register and complete the compliance process; your dedicated consultant will find shifts that suit your lifestyle and availability.

Builds your CV

When you work a full-time job it’s easy to get comfortable and stay put for some time. This is great in some ways but your CV will ultimately suffer. When you work in temporary healthcare roles, you can list every location and every specialty you’ve ever worked in, which is great for your CV – employers love to see plenty of experience. These roles also show that you can adapt quickly, which will impress your potential employer.

Go perm at any time

Temporary work doesn’t have to be a lifelong commitment. You may fancy a change after a period of temping and take on a permanent role again…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Temporary work is all about preference and flexibility, which is why it suits so many people.

Why not give temporary healthcare shifts a go? Speak to Your World Healthcare Australia on +61 02 9411 7440 today and find out how we can help!