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How To Improve Your English

08th Dec, 2015

How To Improve Your English

Life in a new country can be a struggle at first. Different cultures, different food, new lifestyles and a new language!

Here at Your World Healthcare, we’re always looking for ways of improving your relocation process, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to aid you in achieving the skills you need to do so:

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when speaking. You’re more likely to remember it once you know the correct way
  • Read out loud in English! It will give you confidence and you will feel assured of yourself when approaching others.
  • Follow soap operas on the TV – it will introduce you to cultural environments, local accents and to different slangs/abbreviations
  • Conversation lessons – if your problem is speaking you may want to try these. You can arrange for this to be done via Skype
  • English Speaking Mode – Try thinking in English from the start, instead of thinking in your mother language. Translate it and then speak
  • Specialist English Course – Consider taking an online English Course that is tailor-made for your area of work

There are plenty of mobile apps and computer software available which can also teach you a new language (some free, some subscription) to consider.

We hope these steps have been of use and that you feel more confident in your move!