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How to Push Through the End of Your Shift

09th Aug, 2017

How to Push Through the End of Your Shift

We’ve all had one of those shifts that feel like they will NEVER end. It’s rubbish, it’s draining…it’s just downright annoying!

So how do you successfully power through to the end of your shift without it feeling like a complete drag?

Have Something Planned for the End of Your Shift

If you have something to look forward to at the end of your shift, this will completely lift your spirits. This could be seeing someone that you perhaps haven’t seen for a while, visiting a loved one, going out for a meal, maybe watching your favourite film, a hug at the end of a night shift…just something you know will make you smile!

Keep Well Fuelled

Having the right food and drink to keep you energised will also make a huge difference, especially when you’re on a 12-hour shift! We have a few ideas that can help you with this…

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Zone Out

Don’t look at the time, think about how long you’ve been working for or how long you have left of your shift. This is the number one thing that will make work drag!

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Speak to Your Patients

Find a way to engage in some positive conversation. It’s probably best that you don’t do this too much with your colleagues, however, there’s likely to be someone on your ward who this would mean the world to.


Stretching doesn’t just feel good, it improves blood circulation in your muscles, helping your body to regulate your heart rate. Stretch your arms out and circle your head from shoulder to shoulder- you’ll feel a difference almost immediately!

Try to Smile!

Even if you have to force it at first, just try a simple smile. It’s scientifically been proven to boost your spirits. Just watch, before you know it you’ll have a genuine smile on!

Don't forget to smile - motivational quotes for happiness

What do you do when you’re struggling towards the end of a healthcare shift? We would love to hear your advice in the comments below!