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Hull & East Yorkshire: Keeping Nurses Close to Home

11th Nov, 2016

Hull & East Yorkshire: Keeping Nurses Close to Home

Finding nursing work is easy. Finding the right nursing work is not so easy. It’s safe to say that everyone wants to be happy in their nurse job but circumstances can often make working in your ideal conditions somewhat difficult.

At Your World, we believe that finding the right work for the right candidate is a priority; our team of experts will listen to your requirements before sourcing a nursing position to match them. We know that staying close to home is a main tick box for healthcare professionals in the UK and we want to make sure it’s filled.

If you’re living in Hull & East Yorkshire and hate the thought of leaving home for your nursing career, we can help. Our vast range of Band 5 shifts are available as block bookings for both full and part-time hours. Plus, should you want it, we can assist with booking onsite accommodation!

To find out more, contact our Acute Nursing Department on 020 7220 0811.