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Look Interview-Ready in Minutes with These Ingenious Hacks

24th Aug, 2017

Look Interview-Ready in Minutes with These Ingenious Hacks

If you’ve got an important interview that you’re maybe less than ready for, these hacks will save those critical minutes and get you looking sharp in no time!

Shiny shoes

Dull, matte shoes but no shoe polish? Grab a banana (less ripe if possible) and use the inside of the skin to polish your shoes! The potassium and natural oils in bananas makes them the perfect shoe buffer.

All out of bananas? No worries, rub a little skin moisturiser on your shoes instead!

Use banana skin to shine shoes

Creased clothes

Don’t wait for the iron to heat up; grab your hairdryer, crank it up to its highest heat and strongest setting, and direct the air onto your clothing from about two inches away. The heat should eventually get most of those stubborn creases out.

You can also use a set of hair straighteners on your shirt collars (but don’t apply the heat for too long or you could damage the shirt).

Iron shirt collar with hair irons

Sparkling patent leather

Why should your accessories let you down? If you have patent leather shoes or handbags, return them to their former shining glory by spraying them with window cleaner.

Window cleaner for patent leather

Laddered tights

Oh no! You’ve laddered your tights on the way to the interview, what can you do to stop it from spreading? Run to your nearest beauty store or pharmacy and grab some clear nail polish. Apply some to the ladder and allow it to dry – your ladder should stop in its tracks.

You can also use clear nail polish to stop a loose button from falling off. Plan ahead by carrying a small bottle in your handbag.

Stop laddered tights with clear nail polish

Smelly shoes

Stinky odours coming from your shoes can affect your confidence, especially during an interview. Get rid of bad footwear smells by putting some baking soda inside your shoes. It will soak up the stink and keep your feet feeling (and smelling) much fresher. 

Baking soda for smelly shoes


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