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MIDDLE EASTERN PROMISE - Your World featured in the Global Recruiter Issue 162

14th Mar, 2016

MIDDLE EASTERN PROMISE - Your World featured in the Global Recruiter Issue 162

For a second month in a row, our presence in the United Arab Emirates healthcare market has gained some fantastic exposure. We’re delighted to reveal that we have had quotes featured in the cover issue of Global Recruiter.

Titled Middle Eastern Promise, the writer, Simon Kent, investigates the task of finding and delivering talent in Dubai and beyond.

Kent’s editorial focuses on the pull of working in the Middle East, again referring to its emerging and expanding economy and how it is pulling in workers from across the globe at a rapid rate.

Below are quotes included from within the article from Greg Wood, Commercial Director at Your World Recruitment Group:

“The rise in the number of healthcare facilities within Dubai and Abu Dhabi has raised the awareness of this location among many qualifying nurses within the UK,”

“As the region’s reputation as a centre of excellence for healthcare facilities grows, the more healthcare staff will see it as part of their career development to work in such specialist and state of the art facilities: gaining valuable professional experience and life skills at the same time.”

“We will see the expertise within the local healthcare workforce expand and increase which will result in the demand for their skillset to be exported to western countries,”

“This will be a complete reversal on the current staffing model and represents an opportunity for the UAE to create its next major export product.”

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