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NHS needs to ensure enough staff before they can implement 10-year plan

08th Jan, 2019

NHS needs to ensure enough staff before they can implement 10-year plan

A number of recruitment professionals, including Your World Director, Greg Wood, have been featured in a recent article from Recruiter Magazine, discussing the Government's 10-year plan for the NHS.

Despite promising to fix critical errors with our National Health Service and allocating more funds to areas in desperate need, such as mental health and respiratory conditions, Greg Wood has pointed out some important issues with the Government's ambitious plan.

In response to the plan, Wood stated that it must be underpinned by effective workforce planning.

"We would welcome the news of their workforce planning...We hope that this workforce planning includes a strategy to encourage more people to work within the NHS and increase retention of their existing staff.

"Everything they comment on are the right moves in the right direction - but it is all underpinned on whether they have enough GPs, if they have enough mental health support staff, if they have enough NHS staff. It's all underpinned by the staffing, and they've got to ensure that's right."

What are your thoughts on the 10-year NHS plan unveiled by the Government?

Read the Recruiter Magazine article in its entirety here.