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Nurses, this one's for you!

11th May, 2018

Nurses, this one's for you!


Once a year, people from all over the world come together for one very important reason – to show their appreciation for nurses near and far.

International Nurses’ Day is more than just an excuse to assign a name to every May 12th that comes around. It’s a real opportunity to say thank you to the hundreds of thousands of nursing professionals who trained for years so they could make a difference to the lives of others. The people who give up their lunch breaks for coffee on the go and no toilet stops. The men and women who constantly work long hours on their feet because their patients matter more than a rest.

Here, at Your World, we think nurses are AMAZING! In fact, our staff would love to tell you exactly why we love nurses so much…

Simon’s thank you…

I just want to thank Kingston Hospital’s Midwifery Team for delivering my identical twin’s son. I am now officially an uncle – his name is Indigo. Thank you so much!

Simon's nephew was delivered by amazing nurses and midwives in the NHS

Dior’s thank you…

A big thank you to all nurses but especially those at Whipps Cross Hospital. Three months ago, my aunt was giving birth to my niece, who wasn’t very well in the beginning. It was a traumatic experience for her because it was her first child, but after a short time in Intensive Care, my little niece is now alive, well and kicking!

Dior's niece was helped by NHS nurses when she was born

Sarena’s thank you…

Thank you to the Macmillan nurses who looked after my grandad when he was going through cancer. Not only did they look after him but they also looked after the family with emotional support. They tried to make things funny when times were low and helped us look back on good memories, which just took our mind off of the bad times. Thanks so much!

Sarena's granddad was helped by Macmillan nurses when he had cancer

Jangir’s thank you…

A big shout out to everyone at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The nurses are doing a fantastic job there; I’ve seen how hard it is, especially in the Outpatients Department, with the enormous number of patients you manage. Great work guys, keep it up!

Jangir is thankful for all nurses this International Nurses' Day

Gavin’s thank you…

I appreciate and value nurses because I worked for Great Ormond Street Hospital for a short time and saw how hard it was for the nurses to come in day in, day out and work long hours and nights. I grew up in a family home full of nurses – two of my sisters are nurses and also my mum, so I know the hard work and dedication it takes to be a nurse. I value you. 

Gavin comes from a family of nurses, so he knows how hard they work

Shea’s thank you…

I want to thank all of the nurses who constantly put in the effort to reassure people. We’ve all had experiences where a loved one, friend or family member have been ill and it’s because of nurses that they’ve been able to get better and feel supported.

Shea is thankful for her supportive NHS nurses

Nick’s thank you…

When my brother and I were playing basketball, we collided and I hit my head against the wall and cracked it open. I was rushed to A&E and felt terrified, but the nurse at the hospital put me at ease and I felt so relaxed after. To have that at such a scary time was so appreciated and I want to say thank you to every nurse in the NHS. Keep it up because you’re doing amazing work!

Nicholas Moseley of Your World Healthcare

We care for nurses so they can care for us too!

At Your World, we know the hard work that goes into every single nursing shift. We understand and value the times where all nurses want is to sit down, eat or sleep but they carry on caring for patients anyway. We truly believe that nurses are some of the strongest people in the world and that’s why we aim to give a service that motivates and supports them.

Our consultants are here for you this International Nurses’ Day. Let us care for you by finding nursing jobs that will inspire and develop your career.

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