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Our very own Dragons' Den star – on BBC 2 this Sunday at 21:00

13th Mar, 2015

Our very own Dragons' Den star – on BBC 2 this Sunday at 21:00

The world of locum healthcare workers is no humdrum affair.

Agency nurse with Your World Healthcare for more than a year, Neomi Bennett, is on a mission to raise the awareness of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) inspired by the plight of 25000 people who die each year from the issue.

In 2012 Neomi decided to do something about it. She was inspired to create a better solution after repeatedly seeing patients struggling to put on their anti-embolism stockings.

One elderly lady, too afraid to ask her nurse for help to apply the stockings, had resorted to simply using them as curtain ties!

Neomi believes is that it’s important that medical aids are easy to use and comfortable to apply as far too many people neglect wearing their stockings because they are incapable of applying them. After seeing many nurses and patients struggling to apply compression stockings, she started to experiment with different materials in the hopes of creating a product to help in the application of tight anti-embolism stockings. The result? Neo-Slip. (

Anti-embolism stockings work by compressing the ankle and the leg, thereby aiding the circulation of blood around the body. In order to provide this compression, the stockings must be extremely tight, which can make it difficult for many patients to put them on. Neo-Slip is an easy and affordable solution to this problem: it simply slips over the foot and ankle, making it far easier to slide the stocking up the patient’s leg.

The journey so far

Neo-Slip has already received acclaim in the UK, winning eleven awards for its ingenuity and efficacy.  As a winner in the Royal College of Nursing Awards and finalist of the Patient Safety Awards, Neo-Slip is beginning to gain recognition as a revolutionary new medical aid as one which will hopefully go on to save many lives.

Neomi commented:  “The experience of developing a product to raise awareness on such an important issue has been hugely rewarding and the thrill of developing something to help others has given me tremendous confidence to progress this journey.  The support I’ve received from Your World Healthcare as an agency nurse has given me the flexibility, positivity and opportunity to do something I truly believe in.” 

Be sure to have a look at Neomi’s Neo-Slip website:

See the result of Neomi’s pitch to the Dragons' Den judges this Sunday night at 21:00 on BBC 2

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