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Overseas GPs need more attractive relocation packages

23rd Aug, 2017

Overseas GPs need more attractive relocation packages

Your World Group Commercial Director, Greg Wood has been featured in Recruiter magazine, discussing how the UK should offer better relocation packages to overseas GPs.

With the GP talent shortage ‘set to worsen’ in the UK, many recruiters are calling on the government for more enticing methods of bringing GPs over from other countries.

According to Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, ‘the fact that 12% of GP positions are vacant and almost one in five practices has had to abandon searching for a new GP shows just how urgent the need is to recruit more family doctors.’

Dickson also added that some practices around the country are facing an almost impossible task of enticing GPs.

Greg Wood told Recruiter that the government needs to review the support infrastructure for overseas GPs and provide the necessary support when they move to the UK.

He said: ‘For the GP practices, there often isn’t accommodation available, so you have to sort out accommodation. You have to look at integration into the community and into the work pattern.’

‘There has to be a real support mechanism to support these GPs arriving. It’s about giving them the support and relocation package to ensure they are comfortable and happy in their new roles. We have to ensure that’s in place for them coming over.’

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