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What to Expect When Moving to the UK

07th Mar, 2017

What to Expect When Moving to the UK

Has one of our UK opportunities grabbed your attention? Feeling a bit unsure about applying? Have no fear! We have put together a list of what you can expect from life in the UK, British people and how Your World will make your move as smooth as possible.

The People

British people have a reputation for politeness. They apologise A LOT! You’ll find people saying sorry for anything and everything, even if it’s someone else’s fault.

In general, they don’t like to make people feel inconvenienced or uncomfortable. If you hold a door for someone, they’ll speed up, apologise for making you wait and thank you in a variety of ways, including thank you, cheers, ta, thank you again and so on until they’re through the door and five steps ahead!

On the whole, you should find the Brits very hospitable, especially in smaller towns and further north.

UK Life

Life in the UK can be very interesting as there are people from so many different cultures living in one place. You might feel like you’ve travelled the world by the time you’ve sampled all of the cuisines available!

Most UK cities come complete with theatres, museums, parks, art galleries and shopping malls to keep you occupied. If you want to see more of the country, you have the option to travel via bus, train, coach and (in some places) tram.

Discovering London? Travel from place to place with an Oyster Card, which can be topped up and used on most public transport within the city.


It’s true that you might experience more rain than back home, but it’s not all doom and gloom! The British wet weather contributes to the beautiful landscape and vegetation, which is unlike anywhere else in the world.

When the sun does make an appearance, you’ll notice that Brits dash outside to soak it up as fast as possible. Chances are, you’ll still have your winter coat on whilst locals are prancing around in t-shirts and sandals.

Quick tip: In the UK, thongs aren’t a form of footwear but underwear! So, if the sun is shining, think twice before declaring that you’re going out in your thongs.

Looking to Make the Move?

If a life in the UK is on your wish list, Your World can help! Our team will be there for you every step of the way, finding you the right job and ensuring that your transition is enjoyable and stress free.

We’ll help you find your ideal position and assist with applying for your Visa/work permit and professional registration. We’ll even help you set up a UK bank account and find comfortable accommodation - all that’s left to do is pack!

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