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What's it really like as an Optometrist within the NHS?

20th Oct, 2017

What's it really like as an Optometrist within the NHS?

We recently caught up with clinical Optometrist, Francisca, to find out what she makes of her experience within the NHS so far. Here's  what she said...

What has it been like working within the NHS, and what new skills have you learned?

It's been great! I've personally seen the differences between working as a locum in high street practice and within a hospital. It's made me a stronger decision-maker, and I can better understand patients' queries or concerns. Now, when a patient isn't clear on something, I can provide much better advice, which of course feels fantastic!

Did you previously know that you could locum as an optometrist within the NHS?

No, I had no idea. It's been really enlightening for me to try something outside of high street practice. It's always good to expand your skills in new settings, and I'm doing exactly that. Your World has been excellent in helping me find NHS work. 

Would you recommend NHS work to other candidates?

Definitely. If you have the opportunity to learn new things in a totally different environment, you should 100% go for it. It'll only ever give you more to put down on your CV, and even if you choose to return to high street practice, you have plenty to take back with you.

What do you enjoy about your work at St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust, and why does it suit your lifestyle?

Well, locum optometry work is just more flexible. I have much more time to do the things I like outside of work, which is never a bad thing. As for the Trust, I really enjoy working there; I've learned a lot and had the chance to put my interests in contact lenses and paediatric eye-care into practice. I've also been able to collaborate with Ophthalmology and Orthoptics specialists to make better decisions for the patients; that's a really rewarding part!

Did you know we're the only agency in the UK who can supply the NHS with permanent and locum Optics staff?

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