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Where Can You Get NHS Staff Discounts?

21st Sep, 2020

Where Can You Get NHS Staff Discounts?

Who doesn’t love a discount!? We know we do!    

Many companies offer discounts to NHS staff because they think that the hard work you put into helping others deserves a Thank You, and we agree!

Here is a list of our favourite offers and discounts that are available for NHS workers:


Did you know that you can receive big discounts for the following brands and retailers? 

Health and Wellbeing

Keep yourself stress-free and avoid burnout with these great discounts:

These offers make it easier (and cheaper!) to look after your own health whilst caring for others - something that can be easy to overlook!

Food and Drink

Enjoy your meal at a special price for NHS employees (when you finally find time to eat, that is)!

Days Out and Holidays

You’ve got a day off to spend with the family – try one of these ideas and make big savings!

We have done our best to ensure all companies listed provide Covid-19 safe bookings, including guaranteed refunds or flexible re-booking. However, please make sure to check before you book!

Every Day and Practical Savings

Whether you’re looking to make some savings on your day to day shopping, or you fancy a treat, these discounts can help your money stretch further. So why not treat yourself, we think you definitely deserve it!


This was originally posted in January 2019 and has been updated