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Why should I choose PAYE?

27th Jul, 2018

Why should I choose PAYE?

What is your knowledge of working PAYE?

There’s a strong possibility that you haven’t heard all the facts around working PAYE (pay as you earn) or through an umbrella company. Did you know that not all umbrella companies are HMRC compliant, which can mean unexpected tax bills and financial complications for those who use them?

Sound familiar? Well, you can wave goodbye to concerns like this when you join Your World’s force of PAYE workers. Not only are there a string of advantages of being a PAYE worker with us, but there are also some unique benefits that we think you’ll find hard to resist!

Perks of Working PAYE with Your World

Clock graphic  Unrivalled hourly rates

Nursing uniform  Two free uniforms (so you can wash one and wear one!)

Wave   Say goodbye to annual compliance renewal costs

Lottery wheel | Prize draw  Monthly prize draw for a £100 voucher – more shifts worked equals more chances to win!

Present image  A subscription to Perkbox for great discounts on lots of products and places

Why we believe you should choose PAYE over an umbrella company

Working PAYE is an all-around more legitimate way to go. For starters, Your World is 100% compliant with HMRC, so you won’t have any unexpected surprises from the taxman.


Timesheets are paid the next working day

That’s correct; if you send us a timesheet on a Monday, you will get paid on the Tuesday. If you submit a timesheet on a Friday or over the weekend, you’ll have the money in your account by the Monday.

Note: Timesheets must be approved by the client, which sometimes depends on 3rd party online systems. Your consultant will explain this to you in full.

Manage your pay in one place

Working PAYE removes the middleman. Your consultant and finance team will all be in one place, meaning your queries can be answered on site, and you don't have to wait for someone to contact an outside company before responding to you.

No fees for being paid the money you earn

Cutting out the middleman also removes the fee that comes with them – we won’t charge you anything additional for using our financial services.

Instant access to a wide variety of jobs in the UK and beyond!

Your World has a wide range of jobs for healthcare professionals all over the country, in both the NHS and private sector. We can even help you to move your career to Ireland or Australia!

Have you seen our handy Shortlist’ tool, which enables you to apply for multiple healthcare jobs at once? Much better than having to apply for them all individually!

Coming soon…

In the not too distant future, you’ll have the option to use an app to manage your availability, jobs and your own compliance!

Want to find out more about switching to PAYE from your umbrella company? Speak to your consultant or take a look at our Candidates’ page to learn about working with Your World Healthcare, or simply register with us here.

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