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Why Your Hepatitis Injection is So Important

28th Jul, 2017

Why Your Hepatitis Injection is So Important

Hepatitis is one of the leading causes of death across the world. There are several variations of it and although most of these tend to affect Third World countries, there are still many cases in more developed areas.

With the likes of Hepatitis C, it is easy for it to go unnoticed. However, not protecting yourself or diagnosing Hepatitis early enough can lead to loss of liver function or, in some cases, liver cancer.

If you work in a healthcare profession where blood, needles and sick people are encountered on a regular basis, it's especially important to do what you can to protect yourself from the Hepatitis virus. Ways of doing this are to follow local policy and procedure, as well as ensuring the use of a safe injection technique.

Hepatitis B can be transmitted via bodily fluids, therefore, it's also important to appropriately use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Should you ever receive a needle stick/splash injury, it is essential to report immediately and receive local assessment, never forgetting to complete an incident report. 

Vaccination is an essential line of defence for staff exposed to Hepatitis B and it's something that can be organised through Your World.

When you start a position with us, our Compliance Team will do everything to ensure you’re all set and ready to start your new job. This includes looking at your immunity levels and booking you in for injections, such as the Hepatitis B vaccine.

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