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Cardiac Physiologist Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

Cardiac Physiologist Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

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The cardiology department is a specialist sector of a hospital that deals with the most important organ in the body – the heart. It is here that everything from major heart attacks to murmurs and issues with the cardiovascular system are treated.

Roles in this department can cover a multitude of different jobs and specialities, from cardiologists and nurses to cardiographers and echo technicians. If you choose a job in cardiology, you’ll be working with a whole host of different people in your department and the wider hospital or healthcare centre.

These can vary from the NHS to the private sector, but teams in this department can include cardiology, respiratory, neurophysiology and testing specialists.

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Cardiology jobs

A major responsibility of this department is to test for different heart diseases or conditions. There are a number of roles that may fall into this area.

Cardiac physiologists are at the frontline in the treatment of heart disease and cardiovascular illnesses or injuries. They undertake specific tests on the heart using complex technology, which is used to examine and diagnose heart problems in patients. They specialise in different ways to examine and take images of the heart to enable diagnosis. They must have great interpersonal skills to be able to reassure potentially nervous patients.

In this type of job, you’re likely to carry out tests, including echocardiograms, which use sound waves to build a picture of the heart, and electrocardiograms (ECGs), which test the electrical activity of the heart. You’ll also operate Holter monitors (essentially 24-hour ECGs) and conduct blood pressure measurement and tilt table tests.

As a cardiac physiologist, you’ll also have a lot of contact with regular patients who come for check-ups following the fitting of a pacemaker or Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD). Specialist cardiac physiologists also work in the catheter laboratory, helping with everything from pacemaker implantations to angiogram and angioplasty procedures.

Another important role in this department is that of the cardiologist. They are aided by a whole team of staff including nurses and technicians like cardiac physiologists.

Cardiologists are medical doctors who diagnose and treat issues and diseases of the cardiovascular system, which includes heart diseases and defects in the blood vessels. Angina, heart murmurs, cardiomyopathy, arteritis and congenital heart disease are just some of the issues professionals in this role are likely to deal with.

These roles in cardiology can also see you specialise in everything from emergency on-call work to interventional cardiology, imaging and electrophysiology.

According to the NHS, a major focus of the department is on improving survival rates and life quality after heart failure, through disease or disorders.

What training do you need to work in cardiology?

To become a cardiac physiologist, you must first take a four-year vocational degree in clinical physiology, which includes job training.

Following on from this, you can progress in your field with additional qualifications and specialities in particular areas.

As a cardiologist, the career path is much longer. You will need to have completed a medical degree, for which you’ll need a minimum of five GCSEs in A or A* grades, as well as at least three A Levels, with top marks in chemistry, and a choice of maths, biology or physics subjects.

Following your medical degree, you will need to undergo a two-year Foundation Programme, which bridges medical school and specialist training. Alter that you’ll need at least two years of core training, specifically in cardiology.

Needless to say, whatever role you chose in the cardiology department, it will be a tough but rewarding career path. Jobs in this area require not only hard work and determination, but also a great understanding of people. You will be dealing with patients at what might be a very difficult period in their lives, when they are coming to terms with or recovering from serious heart diseases and injuries.

so have high-level analytical skills to enable you to help test and diagnose diseases, as well as great teamwork skills, as you will be expected to work alongside multi-disciplinary teams from across the hospital.

What is the salary of a cardiologist?

As a cardiology role requires a medical degree, you will initially be on the salary of a junior trainee doctor, which is a basic salary of £26,614 per annum.

After completing your extra two-year residency in the field of internal medicine, followed by up to three years on a programme focusing solely on cardiology, you can expect to earn anywhere between £42,775 and £142,300.

As a technician, you’ll generally enter on the NHS pay scale bands at a salary of around £15,404, but team leaders and experienced cardiac physiologists can earn considerably more in private healthcare centres. If you take on a locum cardiac physiology job, you could also earn a substantial amount more than a fixed contract cardiologist, while also benefiting from the flexibility of a locum role.

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Cardiology Twickenham contract £39+ per hour

We’re looking for a Echocardiographer to start asap!

Ref: YW-5KQQM | Posted: 20th Oct, 2020 | Closing Date: 04th Dec, 2020

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Locum Cardiac Physiologist/Cath Lab & Pacing *ON CALL*

Cardiology Eastbourne contract £35-£39 per hour

Our client is looking for a Locum Invasive Cardiac Physiologist - *On Call*.

Ref: YW-Rq1XK | Posted: 20th Oct, 2020 | Closing Date: 04th Dec, 2020

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Locum EP Technician - London

Cardiology Greater London contract £40+ (P/H)

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Ref: YW-WD1eM | Posted: 20th Oct, 2020 | Closing Date: 04th Dec, 2020

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*Respiratory Physiologist Required!*

Cardiology Birmingham contract £32+ (P/H)

Our client is looking for a Respiratory Physiologist individual to join a dynamic team and start ASAP!

Ref: YW-4gNWQ | Posted: 20th Oct, 2020 | Closing Date: 04th Dec, 2020

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Cardiology Central London contract £42+ (P/H)

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Ref: YW-D50rM | Posted: 20th Oct, 2020 | Closing Date: 04th Dec, 2020

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