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Dietetics & Dietitian Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

Dietetics & Dietitian Jobs & Recruitment in the UK

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With a wide range of exciting vacancies available, Your World Healthcare is the ideal recruitment agency if you are looking for dietitian jobs.

We can help you find the perfect position from our broad spectrum of dietitian jobs, including community, acute, diabetes, enteral feeding, HIV, paediatrics and neonatal.

What is a Dietitian?

Dietitians examine the food and drink consumption, and lifestyle choices of their patients to assess and diagnose a variety of different medical conditions. Those in dietitian jobs use the skills, knowledge and experiences gained throughout their education and career to determine whether specific food groups are affecting a client's health, as well as being enthusiastic ambassadors for healthy eating. 

A dietitian can be based in either the NHS or the private sector, working in hospitals, surgeries or community healthcare centres to help patients suffering from nutrition-related illnesses. Dietician jobs also involve advising individuals on their options for a healthier lifestyle, enabling them to diagnose and treat potential dietary diseases. 

Responsibilities can include:

  • Treating those with special dietary needs and requirements

  • Educating the public about nutrition

  • Developing treatments

  • Informing and training other healthcare professionals

These professionals can help treat a wide range of illnesses by adjusting their patients’ diet and reducing any symptoms they may be experiencing. Patients being treated for HIV and AIDS, diabetes, kidney diseases and food allergies can all be helped by a dietitian, as can people with eating disorders. 

Anyone looking for dietician jobs can also venture beyond the healthcare system to contribute their skills to other fields, such as charitable work, freelance consultancy, research or education. They can also take up a role within the food industry to advise on the development and nutritional value of products. 

To be eligible for dietitian jobs, you must have completed a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) approved degree in dietetics, human nutrition and dietetics, or another relevant course. However, to begin your training in a dietetics assistant role, all you need is a good educational background with a high standard of GCSE results.

What Does a Dietitian Earn?

The annual salary for a dietitian is between £21,692 and £28,180, but with experience this can rise up to £34,876 per annum. If you choose to specialise in a particular area of dietetics, you could earn as much as £41,000. 

However, be aware that in some roles the position can involve weekend or evening shifts. If undertaking a full-time role in dietetics doesn’t suit your circumstances, finding a locum position may be a feasible option. 

Locum Dietetics jobs

Although working in a permanent dietetics job within the NHS or private sector may seem like the best option available, you may be able to gain more varied industry experience with locum dietitian jobs. If you are unsure which path you want your career to go down, a locum dietetics job makes it easier to try out a range of different environments, working with patients suffering from a variety of conditions. 

A locum role also comes with the ability to be your own boss, giving you the flexibility to work as and when you please, rather than being tied down to a contracted set of hours. 

To find out more about our dietitian jobs in the UK, contact our team today on 020 7220 0824. To find a dietitian job description to suit you, browse our available vacancies below:


Band 6 Acute Dietitian- Based in Suffolk

Dietetics Beccles contract 20-28

If you are a Band 6 Acute Dietitian, Your World healthcare has a fantastic opportunity in the Suffolk area for a full time locum Dietitian.

Ref: YW-qL3r | Posted: 20th Jun, 2018 | Closing Date: 04th Aug, 2018

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Band 6 Oncology Dietitian- Wales

Dietetics Cardiff contract 20-28

If you are a Band 6 Oncology, Your World healthcare has a fantastic opportunity within a Hospital setting in Wales on a contract basis.

Ref: YW-2Mzb | Posted: 19th Jun, 2018 | Closing Date: 03rd Aug, 2018

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Looking a Band 6 Community Dietitian- based in the West Midlands

Dietetics Birmingham contract 20-28

Your World Healthcare has a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Band 6 Community Dietitian within a in the West Midlands.

Ref: YW-Xrdq | Posted: 18th Jun, 2018 | Closing Date: 02nd Aug, 2018

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Band 5 Acute Dietitian- Yorkshire

Dietetics York contract £20-28

If you are a Band 5 Acute Dietitian, Your World healthcare has a fantastic opportunity within a hospital setting in Yorkshire on a Locum basis.

Ref: YW-ElXR | Posted: 14th Jun, 2018 | Closing Date: 29th Jul, 2018

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Band 6/7 Paediatric Dietitian to work in the Midlands

Dietetics Birmingham contract £20-30

Your World Healthcare has a fantastic contract opportunity for an experienced Band 6/7 Paediatrics within a Acute in Birmingham.

Ref: YW-2MxX | Posted: 14th Jun, 2018 | Closing Date: 29th Jul, 2018

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